Great Books of the Western World

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7

Volume 8

Volume 9

Volume 10

Volume 11

Volume 12

Volume 13

Volume 14

Volume 15

Volume 16

Volume 17

Volume 18

Volume 19

Volume 20

Volume 21

Volume 22

Volume 23

Volume 24

Volume 25

Volume 26

Volume 27

Volume 28

Volume 29

Volume 30

Volume 31

Volume 32

Volume 33

Volume 34

Volume 35

Volume 36

Volume 37

Volume 38

Volume 39

Volume 40

Volume 41

Volume 42

Volume 43

Volume 44

Volume 45

Volume 46

Volume 47

Volume 48

Volume 49

Volume 50

Volume 51

Volume 52

Volume 53

Volume 54

Second edition

The second edition of Great Books of the Western World, 1990, saw an increase from 54 to 60 volumes, with updated translations. The six new volumes concerned the 20th century, an era of which the first edition’s sole representative was Freud. Some of the other volumes were re-arranged, with even more pre-20th century material added but with four texts deleted: Apollonius’ On Conic Sections, Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones, and Joseph Fourier’s Analytical Theory of Heat. Adler later expressed regret about dropping On Conic Sections and Tom Jones. Adler also voiced disagreement with the addition of Voltaire’s Candide, and said that the Syntopicon should have included references to the Koran. He addressed criticisms that the set was too heavily Western European and did not adequately represent women and minority authors.[6]

The added pre-20th century texts appear in these volumes (some of the accompanying content of these volumes differs from the first edition volume of that number):

Volume 20

Volume 23

Volume 31

Volume 34

Volume 43

Volume 44

Volume 45

Volume 46

Volume 47

Volume 48

Volume 52

The contents of the six volumes of added 20th-century material:

Volume 55

Volume 56

Volume 57

Volume 58

Volume 59

Volume 60

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New Zealand History

Vincent O’Malley books
The Beating Heart with David Armstrong
The Meeting Place (Maori & Pakeha Encounters 2642-1840)
The Treaty of Waitangi Companion
with Bruce Stirling & Wally Penetito
Beyond the Imperial Frontier

Kevin Boon Developments in NZ series
The Maori Before the Europeans Came to NZ
James Cook & Other European Explorers
Whalers & Sealers
Missionaries & Traders
The Colonies
The Gold Rushes
The Treaty of Waitangi
The Land Wars
Dawn of the Twentieth Century (1899-1914)
The Liberals
Development of Farming
Roads & Railways
The Forests

Kevin Boon books
EVENTS: NZ Earthquakes * Napier Earthquake * Great Depression * Influenza Epidemic * Abbotsford Landslide * Wellington Flood * Tarawera Eruption * White Island Eruption * Wahine Disaster * Ballantyne’s Fire * Tangiwai Rail Disaster * Anzac Day (info on all wars)
PEOPLE: Maui Pomare * James Cook * Whina Cooper * Peter Buck * James K. Baxter * Norman Kirk * Jon Trimmer * Janet Frame * Yvette Williams * Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan * All Blacks * Edmund Hillary * Frances Hodgkins * Kiri To Kanawa * Kate Shepperd * George Nepia * Charles Upham * Robert Muldoon * Catherine Tizard * Princess Te Puea * Richard Hadlee * Peter Buck * Malvina Major * Ngaio Marsh * Katherine Mansfield * Guide Rangi * Ernest Rutherford * Inia Te Wiata * Bernard Freyberg * Apirana Ngata * Jean Batten

Picture Books
The House That Jack Built by Gavin Bishop
Katarina by Gavin Bishop (in Maori, gorgeous illustrations)
Matatuhi by Robyn Kahukiwa
Old Will by Alison Sutherland (true story of a goat)

Two Peoples, One Land by Elsie Locke (especially for young readers)
Jessie Jenkin’s Diary by Kathryn Rountree (1841-42 sailing from England to NZ)
Rebecca and the Queen of Nations by Deborah Burnside (1874) – not read
Hene and the Burning Harbour by Paula Morris (1845) – not read
The End of the Harbour by Elsie Locke
The Story of New Zealand by Judith Bassett, Keith Sinclair and Marcia Stenson
Anzac Day The New Zealand Story by Philippa Werry (a lot of photos and realia)
Te Ao o Te Maori/ The World of the Maori by Ruth Naumann and Frank Winiatia (project book designed to be used in NZ curriculum)

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sketching titles

All worth borrowing from the library

The Urban Sketcher by Marc Taro Holmes (Techniques for seeing and drawing on location)

Sketch City by Dopress Books (Tips and inspiration for drawing on location)

The Sketchbook Challenge by Sue Bleiweiss (Techniques, Prompts, and Inspiration for Achieving Your Creative Goals)

An Illustrated Journey by Danny Gregory (Inspiration from the private journals of travelling artists, illustrators and designers)

The Sketchnote Handbook AND The Sketchnote Workbook by Mike Rhode (visual notes)

Urban Watercolour Sketching by Felix Scheinberger

The Urban Sketching Handbook by Gabriel Campanario – Architecture and Cityscapes (tiny)

The Art of Urban Sketching by Gabriel Campanario – Drawing on Location Around the World (big square book)

Urban Sketching a complete guide by Thomas Thorspecken

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North America

For a family living DownUnder, North American stories are very well represented on our bookshelves.
We have dipped into the many novels and non-fiction titles as the children conducted their final continent study. The following are the extras we borrowed from the library:

How Did the Vikings Come to Canada? by Rose Goldsmith
First People of the Americas by Trisha Sertori
Canada by Marshall and Richardson
The Inuit of Canada by Danielle Corriveau **
Canada the People by Bobbie Kalman
Canada by Greg Nickles and Niki Walker
The Kids Book of Canada by Barbara Greenwood **
Animals of America by Tom Jackson

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South America

Up and Down the Andes by Laurie Krebs and Aurelia Fronty

The Littlest Llama by Jane Buxton

Blood of the Incas by David Harris

South American Food and Cooking by Jenni Fleetwood & Marina Filippelli

The Food and Cooking of the Caribbean by Jenni Fleetwood & Marina Filippelli

The Search for Lost Cities by Nicola Barker

Margaret Mee’s Amazon – Diaries of an Artist Explorer

Is Your Mama a Llama? by Deborah Guarino

Machu Picchu by Sheryl Peterson

Investigating Machu Picchu by Emily Sohn (junk food book!)

Treasure in the Jungle by Wendy Clemson and Frances Clemson

Machu Picchu by Deborah Kops

Machu Picchu by Kate Riggs

Ancient Inca by Beth Gruber (National Geographic Investigates)

Secret of the Andes by Ann Nolan Clark

“It’s a Jungle Out There!” by Ron Snell

Jim Elliot by Sue Shaw

Mountain Wildlife by Anna Claybourne and Antonia Cunningham

Famous Places of the World South America by Helen Bateman and Jayne Denshire

Life in Ancient South America by Hazel Richardson

Exploring Countries Peru by Lisa Owings

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Middle East

quick round-up

This is Israel by M. Sasek

Sami and the Time of Trouble by Florence Parry Heide & Judith Heide Gilliland

I Can Cook Middle Eastern Food by Wendy Blaxland

Tasting the Sky – A Palestinian Childhood by Ibtisam Barakat

The Breadwinner Collection by Deborah Ellis

poetry anthology

middle eastern cookery by arto des haroutunian

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out of Africa:literature

African Literature:

Prester John by John Buchan

Star of Light by Patricia St John

The Shadows of Ghadames by Joelle Stolz

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Jungle Doctor books by Paul White

Journey to Jo’berg by Beverley Naidoo

African Myths and Folktales by Carter Godwin Woodson

Sama by Rene Guillot

A Pride of African Tales by Donna L. Washington

African Stories retold by Robert Hull

An Extra Special Book We Read Aloud:

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

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