The Ugly Duckling

Without me even saying anything, this morning’s read got a comparison from the children with The Tinder-box ~ and from the daughter who wasn’t even here for yesterday’s discussion about friendship.
I sat there thinking

this is education

Reading TJEd has made me more aware of what *just happens* in our reading times and how natural it is and how beneficial. I didn’t need to preach a sermon, but the children worked out for themsleves that the way the duckling was treated was unkind and would make him feel sad and unwanted. They told me you shouldn’t judge people by how they look or how much money they have or what they can give you. They noticed the duckling couldn’t purr or cluck, because God didn’t make it to. I resisted the urge to talk about waiting for God’s timing ~ even though it would have been a perfectly appropriate thing to discuss, I was more than happy to say nothing and see where *they* took the conversation. When I first came across it, I loved Charlotte Mason’s idea about letting children make their own connections, establish their own relationships with ideas and I have let this philosophy guide me alot. Today was no exception.
But tucked away in the back of my mind is the thought that now my children have met the Ugly Duckling I will be able to use it some other time when one of our “God’s timing” discussions occurs!
Today they followed the path of “the duckling was different to the others, but that doesn’t mean he was wrong or bad. Everyone isn’t the same. He should do what he was made for. They should help him do what he was created for and not try to make him into something else.”
A valuable lesson, don’t you think?

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