quirky quentin

I don’t think there’s a book out there illustrated by Quentin Blake, that couldn’t be described as quirky (excuse the double negative!) McBroom’s Wonderful One-Acre Farm is no exception (make that triple). Written by Sid Fleischman, it’s a rip-roaring laugh-a-minute compilation of Three Tall Tales. It may not have won the Newbery Medal like one of his other books (The Whipping Boy), but it is a lot more fun! We borrowed this copy and are adding it to our WANTED list – it’s a great book to have on your shelf for those readers who are just getting confident with their reading. It’s long enough to qualify as a “chapter book”, but short enough to be manageable. And did I mention, it’s altogether hilarious! It’s one of those books that you might not bother reading aloud, especially as it provides enough interest for those less-than-eager-readers – they *will* want to read it themselves – but I am oh-so-glad we spontaneously enjoyed it together as a family too.

Favourite quotes:
“Peter’s missing front teeth whistled.”
“If that wind got any stronger, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the sun blown off course.”
The wind “had not only pulled up fence posts, but the holes as well.”
“My, he was tall! I do believe if his hat fell off, it would take a day or two to reach the ground.”
“Why, the next morning it was so infernal hot that a block of ice felt warm to the touch. Mama had to boil water to cool it off.”
“The air got so thick with hoppers you could swing a bucket once and fill it twice.”
And my fave is a whole paragraph (albeit a short one): “I looked down. Glory be! Those infernal dinner guests had eaten the socks right out of my shoes – green socks. All they left were the holes in the toes.”

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