do we admit it?

it’s been a very non-booky week

we’ve planned and mostly organised a silent auction

we’ve made a couple of books

we’ve been part of the ultimate blog party (had to read for that!!)

we’ve played with the new collage creator programme

we’ve kept everyone fed and generally clean

we’ve sorted the winter clothes and made all necessary purchases apart from two pairs of shoes – all up $60, not too bad eh!

we’ve taken two loads of *stuff* to the sallies

we’ve started a major production run of flower presses

i’ve enjoyed a too-short portion of The Lonesome Gods each evening before bed

we’ve bigtime overhauled the vege garden

but we haven’t read any chapter books aloud
and we’ve missed it

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2 Responses to do we admit it?

  1. domesticallyblissed says:

    Wow – all your winter clothes for $60 – what is your secret??? Sounds like a fantastic week, if I accomplished a quarter of that, with only 1 child, I’d be delighted!

  2. Rach says:

    The secret would have to be…..don’t frown on hand-me-downs, be willing to wear clothes from last year, letting down hems where necessary, use up fabric from stash to make new items, and anything you need to buy, get from a second-hand store! Perhaps the biggest secret is DON’T HAVE TOO MUCH stuff. Of course you have to decide for yourself what is enough, but we are trying this winter with three pairs of pants or skirt, two tops, two sweaters, a pair of “play shoes” and a pair of nice boots/shoes. Not a lot.

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