recently read: A Time To Read

by Mary Ruth K. Wilkinson and Heidi Wilkinson Teel

Front Cover
If I were going to write a book about books, this would be it! It would have little articles and thought-provoking quotes, as well as booklists with descriptions of each book, and the book would be organised like my bookshelves…..and that’s EXACTLY how this book is done.

Subtitled, “Good books for Growing Readers” and “For those who love books, children, and God”, it begins with books for young readers, but does not dwell too long here (there are plenty of other books geared at this age, some of which are mentioned). It delves into music and poetry, Bible stories, fairy tales and mythology, fantasy and science fiction (a category which is often conspicuous by its absence), animal stories, historical fiction, and good stories that just don’t fit anywhere else. There is a very helpful list of authors for prolific readers and alternatives to “young adult” fiction.

I could have a wee grizzle at the cursory discussion of “Harry Potter”, but I won’t. Just like I won’t complain that some books I expected to see were not there – I understand book choice is largely subjective, book length is a limiting factor and, actually, at the end of the day I am happy to be introduced to some new treasures I have not come across before.

Even if you do not have children at that “reading lots for themselves” stage, this book would be worth having simply for the ideas about *story* that run through it. And for the urgings to purchase books!

Five stars

Take a peek inside here.

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2 Responses to recently read: A Time To Read

  1. CC says:

    yes, i had been using this as a guide, especially when it came to birthdays and last minute me realise I haven’t thought about which book to buy. Saw the Harry Potter discussion and thought interesting but have left it in the (very long) list of things to read later.

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