Stomachs directed our March learning, much as they had the first two months. Mama mia, we were off to Italy!

Ancient books were dragged out of the central library basement stack  at our request. What a pity they are languishing there, mostly unread, because they were real gems:

We got absorbed in a range of great picture books:
favourite, prompted wonderful discussions about community and tradition and death and food and friends
another favourite – oh you have to read it right to its magnificent end
prompted discussion about work ethic, business practices and of course, pizza
fresco-ish illustrations, fine tale
what a wonderful way to learn!
see above comment
fun story
seriously oversized, so pretty good detail in illustrations
Then there were all the general Italy books:
absolutely the best!

In the kitchen we perfected focaccia bread and made oodles of pasta, eating it the Italian way with very little sauce. We also switched to the Italian way with pizza, scantily cladding our pizza dough and enjoying it all the more.
We used an old little originally-titled “The Best of Italian Cooking” book that is so obscure there is no internet picture for it.
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