New Zealand History

Vincent O’Malley books
The Beating Heart with David Armstrong
The Meeting Place (Maori & Pakeha Encounters 2642-1840)
The Treaty of Waitangi Companion
with Bruce Stirling & Wally Penetito
Beyond the Imperial Frontier

Kevin Boon Developments in NZ series
The Maori Before the Europeans Came to NZ
James Cook & Other European Explorers
Whalers & Sealers
Missionaries & Traders
The Colonies
The Gold Rushes
The Treaty of Waitangi
The Land Wars
Dawn of the Twentieth Century (1899-1914)
The Liberals
Development of Farming
Roads & Railways
The Forests

Kevin Boon books
EVENTS: NZ Earthquakes * Napier Earthquake * Great Depression * Influenza Epidemic * Abbotsford Landslide * Wellington Flood * Tarawera Eruption * White Island Eruption * Wahine Disaster * Ballantyne’s Fire * Tangiwai Rail Disaster * Anzac Day (info on all wars)
PEOPLE: Maui Pomare * James Cook * Whina Cooper * Peter Buck * James K. Baxter * Norman Kirk * Jon Trimmer * Janet Frame * Yvette Williams * Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan * All Blacks * Edmund Hillary * Frances Hodgkins * Kiri To Kanawa * Kate Shepperd * George Nepia * Charles Upham * Robert Muldoon * Catherine Tizard * Princess Te Puea * Richard Hadlee * Peter Buck * Malvina Major * Ngaio Marsh * Katherine Mansfield * Guide Rangi * Ernest Rutherford * Inia Te Wiata * Bernard Freyberg * Apirana Ngata * Jean Batten

Picture Books
The House That Jack Built by Gavin Bishop
Katarina by Gavin Bishop (in Maori, gorgeous illustrations)
Matatuhi by Robyn Kahukiwa
Old Will by Alison Sutherland (true story of a goat)

Two Peoples, One Land by Elsie Locke (especially for young readers)
Jessie Jenkin’s Diary by Kathryn Rountree (1841-42 sailing from England to NZ)
Rebecca and the Queen of Nations by Deborah Burnside (1874) – not read
Hene and the Burning Harbour by Paula Morris (1845) – not read
The End of the Harbour by Elsie Locke
The Story of New Zealand by Judith Bassett, Keith Sinclair and Marcia Stenson
Anzac Day The New Zealand Story by Philippa Werry (a lot of photos and realia)
Te Ao o Te Maori/ The World of the Maori by Ruth Naumann and Frank Winiatia (project book designed to be used in NZ curriculum)

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