putting down roots

The roots are unseen, but vital. Without strong roots, a plant will blow over in the slightest wind – if we want to grow strong we need to be rooted in Christ, the Word. All true education begins with God, who is the source of all that is true.

Through the roots the tree is fed – we, too, need feeding to stay alive.

In our model of learning, the roots symbolise a Discipleship Journey; everything else grows from the basis of being grounded in God. A Discipleship Journey involves developing a relationship with God through His revealed Word. This includes understanding the Bible as a book, studying it as truth from God, reading it devotionally to hear God speak through it, and responding to it. We want to train our children’s hearts to seek God and His truth in all things, to love Him and serve others.

To help us in this task we are using a plan for active, intentional discipleship, called LifeGIFTS. We hope the five priorities, or GIFTS, will set our children on the path of Life. Credit is to Clay and Sally Clarkson in “Educating the Whole-hearted Child”, and I quote their definitions verbatim:

  • The gift of Grace is the desire and ability to relate personally and purposefully to God and people.
  • The gift of Inspiration is the desire and ability to view all of life in the light of God’s sovereignty and purpose.
  • The gift of Faith is the desire and ability to study God’s Word and apply its truths to every area of life.
  • The gift of Training is the desire and ability to grow in Christian maturity in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • The gift of Service is the desire and ability to minister God’s grace and truth to the needs of others.

 We are building a secure foundation so our children will stand strong and fulfil the purpose God has prepared for them.


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