Most Probably Bare Minimum Requirements:
For each of the following tasks and procedures, check off with a T and your teacher’s intitials when you have been taught, and M for Mastered with your teacher’s initials when you have demonstrated mastery of each item. When you see this list for the first time, you will realise you can tick off many of the items; you will have picked them up just by using the computer with us.

  • Computer Set-Up (How to set up/connect monitor, unit, keyboard)
  •  Drives (Basics of A: B: C: D: E: etc)
  • Data Filing (Saving, Labelling, Retrieving)
  • DOS (What it is, Basic fundamentals of operation)
  • Access sub-directories
  • Move files CD Roms/DVDs ( Basic functions, How to install and operate)
  • Disk Formatting (How to)
  • Back-up Systems (Types, Advantages and disadvantages of each, How to use yours)
  • Printer (Types, How to use yours)
  • Scanners (Types, How to use yours)
  • Mouse (Types, How to use yours)
  • Install Diskette Application program (Observe and/or do)
  • Word Processing
    *List, Find and Retrieve files
    *Page formatting options
    *Font options: Size / Bold / Italic / Underline / Super / Subscript *Tabs, Margins, Spacings, Indents
    *Copy, Move, Cut, Paste, Cancel, Undo
    *Set up columns
    *Page numbers, headers, footers
    *Tables (create / shade / merge / split cells / shadow / spacing) *Insert graphics
    *Create and use macros
    *Set up page for labels
    *Merge / Sort documents
    *Print options
    *Close, exit, save documents
  • Data spreadsheets (What, Advantages, How to use)
  • Email
    *Change password
    *Check for email, reply, forward, delete
    *Create new file folders, Re-name, Delete
    *Perform a search in file manager
  • WWW
    *Access website
    *Perhaps design a website
    *Set up and contribute to a blog
  • Forum Operations
    *Access folders of a Bulletin Board
    *Access chat area of a forum
    *Access and browse forum messages
    *Create a new forum message
    *Respond to a forum message
    *Respond by email or private message within a forum
    *Access someone’s profile
    *Create / Edit own profile
    *Subscribe to a list / Create a screen name
    *Unsubscribe from a list
    *Participate in a live forum
  • Windows
    *Control Panel (color / mouse driver / fonts / time and date / printer / desktop)
    *File Manager (move douments, format a disk)
    *Maximise / Minimise / Move a window / Access several windows at once
  • Touch Typing (befriend Mavis Beacon)

Other Possibilities include:

  • Help Dad build and repair computers for people
  • Design a computer game
  • Build a website
  • Start a blog (OK, you’ve done that more than once)

Dadda needs to update this to keep up with new technology!!!!!


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