Most Probably Bare Minimum Requirements

For each of the following tasks and procedures, check off with a T and your teacher’s intitials when you have been taught and written the recipe in your own recipe book, and M for Mastered with your teacher’s initials when you have demonstrated mastery of each item. In between teaching and mastery, I am available to give you whatever assistance you would like in the kitchen.

(By the way, we know that we really don’t use this list!! In 2010 Jgirl15, Jboy14, Kboy12 and Kgirl11 took over responsibility for cooking for the family – you each took a week at a time and did all the dinners, fromplanning the menu and writing the shopping list to getting the food on the table. I was available to give assistance and you had a little person from the family as kitchen helper to take out the compost and shred lettuce for you too……this was a much more meaningful way of becoming competent in the kitchen than ticking things off a list! We’ll get the smaller kids to do the same when they grow up a bit more too)


  • barbeque (not exactly tricky, is it!!!)
  • baste
  • boil
  • braise
  • brown
  • cream
  • cube
  • defrost
  • dice
  • fold
  • grate
  • grill
  • julienne
  • marinate
  • mash
  • mince
  • pare
  • poach
  • rotisserie
  • saute
  • scald
  • shred
  • simmer
  • snip
  • thaw
  • toss


  • porridge
  • buckwheat granola
  • muesli
  • yoghurt
  • eggs
  • yeast bread
  • sourdough bread
  • bread rolls
  • crackers
  • pancakes
  • scones
  • blueberry muffins
  • savoury muffins
  • another muffin of your choice
  • fruit loaf
  • brownies
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • anzac biscuits
  • another biscuit of your choice
  • banana cake
  • carrot cake
  • chocolate cake
  • icing
    *cream cheese
  • jam
  • fruit spread
  • seed spread
  • hummus
  • stock
  • gravy
  • white sauce
  • rice
  • pasta
  • baked beans
  • pumpkin soup
  • vegetable soup
  • chicken noodle soup
  • another soup of your choice
  • roast
  • nachos
  • pizza
  • lasagne
  • spaghetti
  • meatballs
  • curry
  • summer eggs
  • stew
  • fish
  • pie
  • salad dressing
  • potato salad
  • green salad
  • sauercraut
  • stir-fry vegetables
  • chocolate pudding
  • self-saucing caramel pudding
  • pavlova
  • fruit crumble
  • icecream
  • apple pie
  • whipped cream
  • coffee
  • tea
  • lemonade
  • gingerbeer
  • fruit smoothie

Other Possiblities:

  • If you would like to contribute to have pinny, will cook, you are most welcome.
  • Bake or cook food for a food bank
  • Cook at a soup kitchen
  • Open a restaurant or cafe
  • Plan a year-long-seasonal-menu


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