Forever you have accompanied Mama on grocery shopping expeditions. You have been encouraged to work out which product is the most economical, you have been taught to read ingredients lists, you have played scribe for the shopping lists since you could form letters.
One day you will need to learn to do the entire shop on your own, from writing the list to putting the groceries away, having not overspent the budget nor forgotten important items.
I imagine we’ll accompany you to the supermarket the first few times you are responsible for the shopping, watching over your shoulder, perhaps questioning your decisions, making sure you don’t spend a gazillion dollars. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to go on your own. Perhaps you’ll even have sole responsibility of grocery purchases for six months or a year so that you can get a feel for keeping the pantry stocked. We’ll negotiate this with you all on an individual basis.

We might even end up writing a detailed list like on the other pages….later!


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