Most Probably Bare Minimum Requirements

For each of the following tasks and procedures, check off with a T and your teacher’s intitials when you have been taught, and M for Mastered with your teacher’s initials when you have demonstrated mastery of each item.

  • Know basic functions / operations of the vehicle
  • Fill with correct gas
  • Check the oil
  • Change the oil
  • Check transmission fluid
  • Check brake fluid
  • Check and fill steering fluid
  • Check and fill radiator fluid
  • Put the right variety and amount of antifreeze in the radiator (if we live somewhere really cold and own a car!)
  • Add window-washer fluid
  • Change air filter
  • Check and change spark plugs
  • Select and change wiper blades
  • Change fuses
  • Help replace brake pads
  • Change a flat tyre
  • Fill tyres with air without popping them!
  • Change dome lights
  • Change headlights
  • Change brake and reversing lights
  • Know how and when to turn on hazard lights
  • Clean eroded battery terminals
  • Know how to deal with overheating engine
  • Jump start vehicle without killing anyone
  • Know what’s involved in an engine tune-up
  • Know safety precautions for driving in snow, fog and rain

Other Possibilities:

  • Learn the road code
  • Learn to drive
  • Take a defensive driving course
  • Design an eco-friendly car

Note to Kgirl10: it was so funny to watch your face as I read this list out to you. Initially you were excited that you were about to discover what you’d need to know before you could drive a car (you rubbed your hands together in anticipation)….slowly the realisation dawned on you that the list was growing longer and longer and longer….by the end you were thoroughly disheartened. “Well I *do* know where the indicators are,” you ventured. That’s a good start!!


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