Study Topics

What do the big kids (over 12 years or so) fill their days with? When they are not cooking dinner or volunteering their services or listening to our family read-alouds or riding their bikes, they can be found studying or pursuing other interests. We have laid before them – in the form of these lists – a selection of ideas they might like to grapple with, courses they might find interesting……and they get on with it. Very little is “complusory”, although we do sit down with them periodically and look at how they are filling their time and we make suggestions. Together (with the older two) we came up with a “plan” for getting through some of the reading. This can be found here (when I get round to putting online). While the eldest two are using it, we are not committed to all of them having to do their learning in the same manner and some of the others may choose to take a different approach.


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