Fine Arts

Most Probably Bare Minimum Requirements:  

  • Adventures in Art course
  • Moments with the Masters course
  • Attend concerts, performances, plays, exhibitions, movies…..
  • Evaluate (a discussion with us will suffice)

Other Possibilities:

  • Learn music theory
  • Instrument or voice or dance lessons
  • How Great Thou Art course
  • Draw Today / Paint Today / Sculpt Today courses
  • Perform in a recital
  • Run Mainly Music
  • Take a craft class at nightschool


Music Appreciation
Music By:
Lyrics By:
Performed By:

Feel of the Music
What is the “mood”? What emotions surface as you listen?
What type of setting / event would this be appropriate for?

Analysis of the Music
Number of beats per measure:
Instrument(s) used:

Research on the Composer
Lived in :
What else is known about his/her life? (marriage, clergy, children, job, status, health)
Did any events of people affect him/her?
Did any tragedies, handicaps or hardships happen to this person?
Any good times, triumphs, accomplishments?
Would you ahve liked him/her as a friend? Why or why not?
(If dead) How did he/she die? In waht state was his/her mind, property, health?
Did he/she know of his/her greatness?

Movie Critique
Movie Title:
Actors, the characters they played, brief descriptions of their roles:
Plot summary:
Time period:
Physical settings(s):
Your critique:
“Take-away” value (what did you learn? how did you grow?)
I [would / would not] recommend this movie to others because….
Rate each of these values on a scale of 1-5 and comment on each:

  • Moral Value (integrity, high standards)
  • Historical Value (insight into past)
  • Spiritual Value (view of God)
  • Human Understanding Value (see human nature for better or worse)
  • Scientific Value (opened my eyes)
  • Life-affecting Value (changed me)
  • Tear-jerking Value (emotional)
  • Laugh Value (fun)



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