Language & Communication

Most Probably Bare Minimum Requirements:  

  • Keep a record of written work and projects
  • Work on a project of some substance that can be shared with others
  • Speech / Debate
  • At 15, 16 and 17 years aim to read
    1 essay per month (link)
    1 short story per month (link)
    1 item per week from history list (unless we get Worldviews of the Western World, in which case you can just do whatever is scheduled in that…more from our corresponding list if you like)
    1 item per week from literature list (link)

Other Possibilities:

  • Learn Latin (Ecce Romani I-IV)
  • Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek
  • Other foreign language (Powerglide, Rosetta Stone, night class)
  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Publish a newspaper
  • Write a book
  • Write an essay
    (POSSIBLE TOPICS: abortion * AIDS * alternative health care * alternative power sources * assisted suicide * child abuse * Christian persecution * cloning * discimination in the workforce * economic interdependence * environment management * evolution * excessive government power * fame * food sources and clean water * global warming * gay rights * germ warfare * government provided/regulated childcare * gun and ammunition control * heaven * home education * immunisation issues * the internet * medicinal marijuana * political correctness * pollution * population control * pornography * the rights of a child * romance * space programme * survival and preparedness skills * tax * transition from industrial age to information age * waste disposal problems * women in the military *)

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