“chapter books”

In an effort to create a Family Favourites List, we have limited our selection to only eighteen read-aloud books for five-year-olds, another eighteen for six-year-olds…and seven, and eight and nine and ten-year olds too. Of course the six year old books do not need to be read at six years of age. Indeed, many of them will be enjoyed by younger children – when our then-two-year-old listened to Charlotte’s Web, she wandered round for weeks saying, “Salutations!” Neither are the books “too young” for any older siblings. All the books have appeal even to an adult, so they bear being read and re-read.
That said, if I had just one child I would probably read through the books in the order presented – when the child was five I would read the five year old list….and augment it with other like books before moving on. But with our wide range of ages right now, we choose three books from each “age category” to read each year and in that way, hopefully cover something for everyone. I also know that over the course of six years, even if they don’t read them for themselves, all the children will become acquainted with each of these books.
Additionally, when the weekend rolls round, we make sure we read a couple of stories from one of Andrew Lang’s many Fairy Books, meaning we get through two of his books every year.
And then there were all the books that the children enjoyed, but that did not make it to the readaloud list (there are only so many hours in a day for reading out loud!)….those ones have become an Additional Independent Junior Reading List (you’ll find it below the readaloud list)

For our older kids (11-16 years), we have pulled together a list of books that we plan on reading aloud. Even more books were left OFF this list than the junior one – but by this age, they are reading so voraciously themselves that this really is just a suggestion of what we *might* read together. So far we have read very few aloud, but the older kids have read many independently! There are also two independent lists (one for 11 year olds and up and one more suitable for 16-ish years+)

Many of these books are set in a particular time period, and so they could be classed as historical fiction”, others deal with science or geography – they COULD have been put on the corresponding history or science or geography pages, but for no reason, they are here. If you like things neatly boxed, I’m sorry! Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped is a rollicking good yarn and could well have been placed as a chapter book, but it’s in the 1700s section. Little Britches could have been listed as an 1800s history book, but we popped it on the chapter book list. No rhyme nor reason.  It’s just the way it happened. So on this page you’ll find our Junior and Senior readalouds and independent reading lists. History, science, geography, poetry etc are all on their own dedicated pages.


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