reviews of movies

Who woulda thought?
Me writing about movies. Me, who needs to turn to my longsuffering hubby halfway through a movie to confirm, “We *have* seen this before, haven’t we?”

As It Is In Heaven – September 2007
Boy – May 2010
Bridge of Spies – September 2016
City of The Bees – October 2007 (Moody Science DVD)
Hidden Treasures – August 2008 (Moody Science DVD)
Hotel Rwanda – March 2008
Julie and Julia – December 2009
Mao’s Last Dancer – March 2010
Miss Potter – March 2008
Mystery of the Three Clocks – September 2008 (Moody Science DVD)
Of Books and Sloths – September 2008 (Moody Science DVD)
Prince Caspian – July 2008
Prior Claim – September 2008 (Moody Science DVD)
Robin Hood – November 2007
Signposts Aloft – September 2008 (Moody Science DVD)
Spanglish – November 2007
The Beautiful Country – March 2008
The Blue Butterfly – November 2007
The Boy in Striped Pyjamas – November 2009
The Diary of Anne Frank – November 2007
The Dropbox – September 2016
The King’s Speech – March 2011
Time and Eternity – August 2008 (Moody Science DVD)
Ultimate Adventure – August 2008 (Moody Science DVD)
U2 3D – June 2008
Voice of the Deep – November 2007 (Moody Science DVD)
Where the Waters Run – September 2008 (Moody Science DVD)


2 Responses to reviews of movies

  1. Nicole says:

    Have you seen the King’s speech yet?

    • Rach says:

      Nah, not yet. It IS on the TO DO list though. Seems everyone is raving about it. But then everyone thought Gladiator was historically accurate, so I’m hesitant to get too excited;-)

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