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sketching titles

All worth borrowing from the library The Urban Sketcher by Marc Taro Holmes (Techniques for seeing and drawing on location) Sketch City by Dopress Books (Tips and inspiration for drawing on location) The Sketchbook Challenge by Sue Bleiweiss (Techniques, Prompts, … Continue reading

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swords and books??

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right off the bookshelves files III: chicken

The prospect of good prizes for fancy dress at a local community event seemed to be just the motivation for Kboy13 to put into action his inspiration to go as a chicken . Said inspiration came as he was folding … Continue reading

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detectives at work

The charge was to take a number of storybook characters and weave them into a story in a similar manner to Dear Peter Rabbit, which we had just read together. Being modern writers, I suggested that instead of letters-written-on-paper, the … Continue reading

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from inside one of our own books

Sorting through boxes of random papers, I came across a short journal we kept in the spring of 2003 when we looked after one of Rob’s colleague’s farms for a few weeks. There were six children aged eight and under. … Continue reading

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The Quiltmaker’s Journey

bookCLUB session outline details to come…not yet planned! idea: mock court

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Chicken Sunday

bookCLUB session outline Start with tea and poppyseed cake as you read the book aloud. Discussion topics printed on coloured card: * honesty * earning money * giving * emigration * role of faith * (for each topic consider what … Continue reading

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