Lecture Record

Lecture – Given By – Date

I cannot imagine ever having need of this section! I don’t even get to sit through a full sermon at the moment, and I don’t have any lecture opportunities presenting themselves to me. But who knows what will surface when you start looking?
When I think about it, in the past we have attended some lectures: Entomological Society ones (due to Jboy11′s interest – it’s a real pity they shifted to too far away, because even though I don’t share Jboy11′s fascination with bugs, the enthusiasm of the bug-men was contagious and was a great study in education!!!!!), and a lecture at Howick Historic Village on the similarities between modern day Nepal and NZ in the 1880s (that one was truly inspiring, especially thumbing through the lecturer’s travel diary – his enthusiasm and earnestness and interest captured in the pages of his diary in hand written notes and little sketches brought to life with a small palette of watercolours made a lasting impression on me), plus we have stopped at various museum exhibits that include a televised lecture when plenty of other people walk on by.

Now I have somewhere to record these things!

Core and Love of Learning by Oliver and Rachel DeMille ~ 11 October 2007
City of The Bees – October 2007
Voice of the Deep – November 2007


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