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One day – haha

31 March 2010
I now know what I would like to research, if ever I get the opportunity. I would need to do a lot of reading in a variety of subjects from adult literacy to poverty, from education to technology before I would be ready….my interest is in the place/feasibility of home education in poverty-stricken places. I believe in home education….I can see that “poor” people by default actually retain many of the benefits of it when they are unable to access institutionalised education, but at the same time they often (particularly if their parents are uneducated) miss out on what education has to offer, and that it can often mean the difference between crawling out of poverty or not. I find myself wondering if the well-meaning western educators are doing a disservice to simply apply their (oftentimes not working) model to the poor east. I wonder if those in poverty fully understand what they are buying into to adopt these methods. I wonder if they realise what they stand to lose. I wonder if there are other ways of providing and accessing education.

This is what I’d like to research.


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  1. CC says:

    well thought of you when i saw this (titled Grounds for Hope, top left). I emailed you but I have a feeling the email addy I have is no longer valid?

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