Structure Time Record

I’m not really sure how to use this for myself.

There’s meant to be weekly commitments, goals, actuals and dates.
Need to think this one through. At this stage I’m just getting set up. Details will come.

Our days already have a rhythm to them, and one I don’t really need to change at the moment. I was quite excited reading through “Core and Love of Learning A Recipe for Success” that many many many of the ingredients are already in our mixing bowl of life as we know it. The main thing that needs attention is me making time for my education – and not just having it as a general goal, but actually making a commitment to do something about it. I am prayerfully going to consider over the course of this week how I can best create time for my education whilst maintaining current commitments (and perhaps what I need to say NO to).

How our days do/could work…..
Get up and exercise – use this time to pray
Individual Bible reading / prepare breakfast
Breakfast / Dadda’s devotions / memory verses and songs with Mama (who can knit or embroider or do hand sewing/mending during this time) 
Chores – everyone pitches in (Mama supervises)
Read aloud time (big kids work on non-concentration-requiring quiet handwork/lego etc, little kids play at our feet with toys reserved for this time and join in when they’re ready – a bit of poetry plus history or science or literature)
Table time (LOLers write, play games, copy artwork, perhaps do maths)

Lunch (put on music-of-the-week)
Picture books for littlies while LOLers clean up 
Naps for littlies
Individual reading *this is the time I could STUDY in front of the children instead of getting on the computer*
Prepare dinner and other kitchen work / gardening
Kids free to play (I can craft now whilst supervising and then have an extra hour to read in the evening)
Tidy up / baths

Dinner / conversation / show-n-tell
Littlies to bed, LOLers do dishes
Another special reading time or games with the children who are still up
Kids to bed then time for me to update blogs/writing (1 hour) and craft (1 hour)

The two things in green above would be changes – everything else is what we already do. I think this is totally do-able. Will I have the discipline to not turn the computer on? I guess I need to ask myself just how much I want this education. If I was enrolled in a course at university I would just go and do it – this is much harder in terms of self-discipline, but I am determined. And if I can do it, I might even one day be able to enroll in the George Wythe College Masters programme!

Even if it’s just one hour in the afternoons and another in the evenings four days a week, that’s still eight hours a week, which is the equivalent of *one whole day* IMAGINE THAT!
Mornings Monday to Friday are pretty sacred and things work best if we try to keep to our routine;-) Saturday morning could be devoted to extra house chores, errands and library visit. Thursday afternoons we meet with the Es – Tuesday evenings we are out, and we often have someone over for dinner on Saturdays. Sunday evenings are for planning and getting set up for the week, and then scrapbooking what’s left of the evening (generally with B and the girls alternate weeks).

This week
Morning Handwork: J11′s socks
My Reading: Oliver and Rachel DeMille’s additional booklets
Craft: ER’s skirt and clothes mending (M&L’s jackets, L’s pants, K’s skirt, button on T’s shirt)
Music: CD5
Saturday: dye ER’s stripey all-in-one, prepare for Sunday lunch with Cs
Kids: The Five Little Peppers, one R&R man a day, Tennyson poems, How Great Thou Art lessons, Cashflow for Kids


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