using kids’ interests

I’m all about *knowing* your kids, hanging out with them, giving them time to explore and seeing what they come up with…and because we have to submit *stuff* to the Ministry of Education when we want to relieve our kids of the necessity of attending institutionalised schooling, I jotted down some notes on how my kids learn some of the stuff they need to know through their interests. I include these things here, not as examples of *what to do if your child is into soccer*, and not as sample unit studies on particular topics (they are entirely too random and too far from complete to be considered proper studies), but just to show, how in the ebb and flow of daily life, even with eight children, their individual interests can be catered to and incorporated into family learning.

Jgirl’s interest in Sewing and how we used it is embedded in her “report”.
Here’s how we used Jboy’s Interest in Insects to Facilitate His Learning
Here’s how we used Kboy’s Interest in Sport to Facilitate His Learning
Here’s how we used Kgirl’s Interest in Cooking to Facilitate Her Learning
Here’s how we used Lboy’s Interest in Lego to Facilitate His Learning

link to POST pages where this info will be stored (dated to be among the first posts possibly)


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