Letter to Parents with Little Ones

Dear Parent,

You came to me, worry written across your face.
Your little one won’t sleep at night. Your toddler keeps you on your toes all day. And to top it all off, your ready-for-schooler needs to learn to read and write. You don’t know what to do.

Let Jesus wipe those worry lines away. He tells us His burden is light, not too much for us to bear. Ask Him to help carry the load.
Last week an older woman sent me a card. In it she wrote something I want to copy here, multiplying to you her small encouragement to me.

“As my Father entrusted Mary to care for me,
so too I entrust each of your children to you.
It must never be like a rock,
but a feather carried in my grace.”

Your children are not a burden. Thank God for the blessing that they are. And tell Him your worries. Give Him your fears. Ask Him your questions. Draw on His grace.

God knows we are fallible. He knows we cannot cope. It’s meant to be like that. Yes, it’s meant to turn us to Him. When we want to be grumpy because we were up all night, we have an opportunity to offer praise instead and grow in character. When we cannot think of one more thing to do with our bouncy toddler we have the opportunity to stop with them, come before God and ask Him for guidance. When we reach the challenge of *schooltime*, we can take hold of Isaiah 54:13, believing it, putting it in to practice:
“All your sons will be taught by the LORD, and great will be your children’s peace.”

Dear Mother, don’t worry. Perfect love casts out all fear. God loves you perfectly. God loves your child perfectly. There is no need for fear.


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