this stuff designed to be used by the kids… written *to* them….kiddos graciously agreed to let some out-of-our-family-peeps in on these ideas, and how we used them as guinea pigs

All the Lists here are designed to be used by you children when you are big enough to read and choose to learn particular tasks (the Life Skills) or study certain ideas (the study topics). This does not mean that you haven’t had to work before then; you’ll remember that is not so!! By the time you were two, you would hand me pegs at the washing line, put your shoes away, fold dischcloths and cut mushrooms with a bread-n-butter knife. When you got a bit bigger you progressed to taking out the compost, sweeping the front path and dusting windowsills. Later you learnt to sort the washing and put it on, scrub the bath, bake bread and vacuum the house. As you became more proficient we stopped finding whole heads of lettuce in our salads, beds looked smoother and books faced the right way on the shelves. In terms of “study” you have had free access to bookshelves and snuggled on my knee for daily read-aloud sessions, you have scribbled notes even before you could write, you have played with language, observed creation, asked questions, sung songs, made books, exercised creative flair, learnt right from wrong, memorised Scriptures, discovered the joy of learning.
By the time you get your own copy of these lists, the plan is that you will be well on your way to mastering many of the chores and starting to seriously devote portions of your day to the hard work of study.
As you start discovering there are more exciting things in life than hanging round with Mama doing housework and potentially lose interest in playing with toilet brushes, we’ll hand over the responsibility to you….it’ll be interesting to see how we make it all work over the next few years!
As you start discovering there are worlds of ideas to contemplate and come to terms with, we’ll encourage you to step into those worlds with diligence, fervour and determination. It will be interesting to see where you end up!

Life Skills – list and link
Study Skills – list and link


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