Real Life Learning


To help the children use their free time productively, we brainstormed a wee chart of things they might like to do if they ever ran out of ideas. It was not often consulted, but occasionally I’d see someone peering at the faded copy on the noticeboard.


But real life learning is not just for young children……

* make a quilt * join a theatre company * write a Scripture memorisation plan and do it * repair a car * play a sport * learn sign language * embroider a tablecloth * grow plants from seed and sell them * go camping * read stories onto a CD for children * join St John’s ambulance * plan an excursion * do a word study related to a topic you are interested in * interview your grandparents and write up their biography * build a garden shed * visit an art exhibition * research world religions * join a choir * keep a finance record * design a recipe book * sew your own clothes * mow the neighbour’s lawns * make a gift for someone * run a summer camp in your back yard for the neighbourhood’s children * try your hand at sculpture * tour historical sites * reorganise the garage * pick berries * interview people involved in a job you are interested in * raise chickens * set up a filing system for your papers * build a motorbike from scraps * make a Bible story book for young children * learn to ride a horse * volunteer at a museum * write a letter to the editor * create an exercise programme and stick to it * read & train a dog * provide computer support for the elderly * attend a community meeting * scrapbook * go duck shooting * be a “mother’s helper” for a mum with young children * watch a movie and talk about it with someone * create a board game * learn to drive * go orienteering * preserve peaches * attend a seminar * join a debating club * collect supplies for a food bank * tutor a younger child * work on a farm * attend an orchestra performance * take part in a triathlon * host a formal dinner * learn to play an instrument * do the grocery shopping * visit an old folks’ home * make a powerpoint presentation of family photos * make a weather station * visit children in hospital * cook for your family for a month or at least once a week! * build a telescope * write a letter * grow your family’s vegetables * knit bootees and hats for premature babies * write articles for your local newspaper   research how much it would cost to leave home! * organise a progressive dinner * go fishing * study different kinds of music * do volunteer fire fighting * run a business * plan an overseas holiday * organise a children’s party * photograph important people in your life * phone a friend * fix a clock * observe creation *

I’m really keen on cultivating a home-based life to allow the children plenty of time to discover and learn and develop relationships with ideas and play, and so it is with some hesitation that I include a list of places to visit! Of course the list is neither exhaustive nor compulsory-to-complete, but just a source of possible ideas.

Airport * Aquarium * Bakery * Ballet Recital * Book Publisher * Brewery * Bus Depot/Bus Ride * Candy Factory * Candle Factory * Car Manufacturing Plant * Cereal Factory * CCircus * Clothing Manufacturer * Computer Company * Costume Company * Country Fair * Courthouse * Farmers’ Market * Fire Station * Greenhouse * Historical Site * Hotel * Ice Cream Factory * Library * Movies * Museum * Music Concert * Newspaper Publisher * Parent’s place of work * Parks * Planetarium * Police Station * Post Office * Printing Company * Puppet Show * Radio or TV Station * Sports Event * Sugar Factory * Telephone Company * Theatre * Top of highest building * Toy Manufacturer * Train Station/Train Trip


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