Home Maintenance

For each of the following tasks and procedures, check off with a T and your teacher’s intitials when you have been taught, and M for Mastered with your teacher’s initials when you have demonstrated mastery of each item.
(Basically, you just need to continue hanging round with Dad to learn as things break around the house – of course, if you want to learn faster, you can ask questions or even find someone else to work with as well. You could keep a Home Repairs Job Log, but you don’t have to).


  • Install a lock
  • Know how to evaluate appliances, home products etc using consumer guides, online reviews etc
  • Know how to change a fuse or reset breaker
  • Know how to choose exterior and interior paint
  • Know the difference between latex, stain, varnish etc.
  • Be able to use a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure etc.


  • Repair wall holes
  • Paint walls
  • Hang wallpaper
  • Hang items on a wall with correct fasteners
  • Hang shelves
  • Start a fire and keep it going


  • Paint and/or stain house
  • Know which tools to use
  • Know how to store tools properly
  • Clean out gutters
  • Cut and stack firewood
  • Dig a hole and set a post for a fence
  • Pour concrete
  • Know where gas shut-off is located and how to operate it


  • Change the plug on an electric cord
  • Operate voltage tester
  • Operate continuity tester
  • Replace ceiling light fixture
  • Install dimmer switch
  • Rewire incandescent lamp
  • Replace ballast on fluorescent lamp
  • Change lightbulb in torch
  • Be familiar with hot water tank
  • Know your air conditioning and/or central heating systems
  • Wire a telephone
  • Wiring skills for computer set-up


  • Remove toilet
  • Unplug overflowing toilet with plunger
  • Install new tap
  • Set up washing machine and connect to proper water hoses
  • Unclog sink using chemicals
  • Change water filter
  • Locate water main and know how to shut off


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